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Professional Payee Service with 20 Years Experience!


Founded in 2003, People's Choice Payee Services is a nonprofit organization that empowers people with resources they need to thrive, and to live the lives they envision in their communities of choice. At People's Choice Payee Services, we are committed to providing services that work for each of our customers. Each participant is assigned  an Account Manager who will work with the individual on budgeting skills and money management techniques. The purpose of the Representative Payee Program is to increase an individual's financial stability, maintain safe housing and develop their financial skills. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist the participant to move towards self-sufficiency and independence.


We serve the State of Georgia helping the mentally challenged with financial management. We provide individual account managers to ensure the client speaks to one person concerning their account.


We assist emotionally and mentally challenged individuals with banking, financial management, counseling and personal support.  At People's Choice we respect our clients and strive to achieve lasting relationships. 


Our mission is to provide financial management of the clients' monthly income as well as case management and counseling services regarding financial issues.  This service enables individuals to live independently while ensuring that their daily needs of food, clothing, housing and medical care are being met.




People's Choice Payee Services - Chief Executive Officer

Atlanta, GA

Quintus Billings is a native of Atlanta, Georgia.  Mr. Billings is an entrepreneur with a keen business savvy which was shaped by his father at an early age. He credits his father and grandmother for being dynamic influences in his life.

Mr. Billings has always had a heart of compassion for others, especially those who were affected by disabilities and mental illnesses. He credits his compassion for the vulnerable to his aunt who suffered from intellectual disabilities.

He directly observed his grandmother take care of her sister with love, passion, and care. As a result, this prepared him for his life’s journey, as he would encounter those who were intellectually disabled. In 1999, he got his opportunity to work with individuals who endure mental illnesses by assisting with managing their daily needs.  It would be a seed that would flourish later on for him to start his own company designed to help those in need, particular those who needed help with their finances and paying their monthly bills.

As he began to work under the tutelage of the owner of Seeds of Hope LLC., Paulette Asumah, he excelled in account management and absorbed as much information as he could from her. She was very inspirational to him, and she provided motivation and encouragement. Mr.  Billings established People’s Choice Payee Services Inc. in January 2003 with only five clients. Over the years the company grew to over 600 clients and now has headquarters offices in Atlanta, GA and a satellite office in Columbus, GA.  Mr. Billings is slated to open a third office Q2 2023 in the Athens area providing payee assistance to those who are in need of his services. Mr. Billings believes, one of his greatest achievements is being able to give back to the communities he serves. He strives to bring expert insight to helping clients meet their financial goals, and remains dedicated to their small project details while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Quintus Billings is married to his lovely wife Lakisha and he is a proud father of three wonderful children: Kiera, Ashley and Jalery.

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