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  • What is your mailing address?
    P.O. Box 1822 Decatur, GA 30031
  • What is your fax number?
    Fax number 770-558-6322 Efax number 404-420-2292
  • How do I check my account balance?
    To check account balances you may call our office or contact us via email at
  • How do I reach my account manager?
    You may contact our office directly at 404-296-0340.
  • Can I review and discuss my budget with my Account Manager?
    Yes, you may schedule an appointment or conference call with one of your assigned Account Manager.
  • How do I request additional funds?
    Please call the office to request additional funds at least 3-4 days prior to when the funds are needed.
  • When do I need to provide receipts?
    Please fax receipts for large purchases to our office after items are purchased.
  • How long does it take to void and reissue a lost check?
    It will take 3-5 days to void and have a check reissued from our processing facility.
  • What happens to the balance in a client's account when he or she passes away?
    When a client passes away conserved funds in the clients account are returned promptly back to the Social Security Administration.
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